Friday, November 6, 2009

What are you doing with the kids this weekend?

Have you ever seen that commercial with the three moms of infants on a "playdate"?  The moms are chatting away about how much the kids are enjoying playing together when the camera cuts to the three babies, blissfully sleeping in their infant carriers.  That "playdate" was for the moms!

Yakini commented on my post last week about my mother's group, saying she wished she had something like that to go to with her baby son Chase.  When I first had my son C., I remember wishing that I had a defined support group of fellow mommies to just "be" with from time to time.  Between everyone's child on a different schedule and each mom's differing parenting philosophies, I remember feeling a bit isolated.

The mother's group I belong to, Jack and Jill of America, Inc., (more on this in a future post) is for children aged two and up.  But I would encourage any mom of an infant to look to your own resources to make your own little support group.  Chat up other moms if you take your child to daycare, swimming or music classes.  I actually think it's easier to coordinate meetups when you each have one child - there are fewer scheduling and naptime conflicts.  Consider purchasing simple social cards such as those available at TinyPrints or VistaPrint (where you can order free cards from selected designs, just pay shipping) to simplify exchanging contact information.

Mommies of infants can meet for a morning coffee date at the bakery or the park.  A couple of hours of girlfriend chat between babies' naptimes will do wonders to recharge you.  For toddlers ages two to about four, consider meeting at a play place like Chuck E. Cheese - but be sure to go at 9 a.m. when they open.  Normally I personally consider places like Chuck E. Cheese a headache waiting to happen, but the kids love it!  There is usually have a small contained area with activities which are suitable for smaller children.  At opening time, it will be deserted enough that you can relax, and your child will be ready to go home before the birthday parties start and it gets chaotic!

So, why not reach out to that nice mom you keep seeing at morning drop off or Gymboree, and ask her if she'd like to get together with the kids this weekend? Maybe she's looking for a supportive mommy friend too.

Thanks for the support, Yakini!  Be sure to check out Yakini's blog, The Prissy Mommy Chronicles, at  It's about her experiences as a new mommy to Chase, with some girly stuff thrown in.  I think it's great and I bet you will too!

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Yakini said...

Oh Pat, thank you so much for the linky love - so greatly appreciated!!! (((hugs))) I'm really humbled, as i love YOUR blog.

You know, when you had mentioned your mother's group and getting together I had no idea that it was Jack and Jill. That's awesome - i've actually been interested in Jack and Jill for a long time (before I was even a mom, actually). I'm going to research chapters in NYC and I also want to email you on the side about it. Great!


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