Monday, November 16, 2009

NeatnessCounts...The Remix!

I have always said that to see the state of my life, just look in my purse.

I have a thousand things going on in my life right  now.  This past Saturday, I finally had a moment to sit down and try to make sense of a few things, starting with my purse.  Some evidence of everything I am into was in there.  Information and receipts for my new home business, my kids, home bills, dates from my work calendar to be transferred to the home calendar, notes from my 9-5 job, blog ideas. 

As I sorted through it, I thought to myself, "How can I be the author of a home organizational blog, of all things when my purse looks like THIS!!!!"  That's when I realized that I had to do a remix on this blog. 

Many of my girlfriends and sister-friends in my life often say to me: "You're so organized.  You are always so well groomed.  Your house must look perfect every day."  While I am very flattered that anyone would think so highly of me, the truth is, I am FAR from perfect, FAR from perfectly disciplined.  The truth is, parts of my house (and sometimes even the whole house!) looks like someone tried to rob us.  Sometimes the systems I try don't work, and sometimes I look around this home I love so much and all I see is unfinished projects and I feel very overwhelmed.  But then I take a breath, break everything down into baby steps to be accomplished, and eventually I get it all done.   Nothing makes me feel better than making a mess into a success.  But it takes time, and nowadays I don't have much of it to do everything that needs to be done. 

We are having a party this weekend.  Tonight and tomorrow we will rush around straightening up for the cleaning lady on Wednesday, the house will be beautiful for the party, and then our family will dismantle the order we have created over the next two weeks, until it's time for the cleaning lady to come again.

So I hope that anyone who is reading this understands where I am coming from.  As this blog goes along, I will "show" you, literally and figuratively, parts of my life and home -  believe me, I could show you some before and afters that will make you shake your head in disbelief!  But it will all be done with the hope that someone who feels overwhelmed will get a little burst of inspiration.

Top image courtesy

Bottom image - purse, mid-cleanout, courtesy me!

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