Friday, November 13, 2009

The Dizzy Duck

While trying (unsuccessfully!) last Saturday to persuade E. to lie down for an afternoon nap, I came across this old favorite in his stack of books - The Dizzy Duck by Chris Tougas.  It  seems to be out of print now (I think I picked up the worn copy we own from my mother in law's house!) but used copies are available at Amazon.  It's one duck's story of procrastination and overwhelm over the course of a day.  Though it's best when you can see the adorable illustrations, it's such an apropos teaching tool for kids, as well as being just a really cute story, that I had to bring it to the blog! 

The Dizzy Duck

The rooster crows good morning,
and the Dizzy Duck awakes.

He looks around his messy room. 
It's more than he can take.

He sits right down and plans out how
he'll put his toys away.

Which makes him feel so dizzy
that he runs outside to play.

He comes inside to try again
but cannot find his bed.

Which makes him feel so dizzy
that he takes a bath instead.

And once he's dry he plans to try
to stay up late and sweep.

Which makes him feel so dizzy...
Oops! He falls right back to sleep.

What a mess!

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