Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is the kid who....

completed the following assignment in October 2009, one full month into fifth grade:
(Assignment is reported exactly as written.)

Science Chapter 7 Lesson 3

1.  Write about a path through the rock cycle from the perspective of a rock.  Begin with the following types of rock: igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.  Be sure to include details about the forces and processes that change the rock you have chosen.

Hi!  I'm a igneous rock.  I was just cooled down and formed into rock.  Ow!  Water's being forced against me.  I'm being weathered and now I'm sediment.  Now I'm being pressurized and all of the sediment around me is being cemented together.  Now I'm a sedimentary rock.  I'm sandstone and I'm all gritty.  Whew!  Now is the room getting smaller?  Gawd, it's boiling in here!  Ah! All this pressure hurts!  Eggegeh, ahhhh! I'm glad that's over!  Bye-bye, sedimentary rock, hello, metamorphic rock! I'm igneiss and do I look good! I've got black stripes and a gray surface.  Whoah, I'm being sucked into a volcano.  Ew, I'm magma and now I'm all liquidy.  Whoah, this baby's gonna blow!  Wheee! Oof! Ahhh, now I'm back to being obsidian, a igneous rock.  Bye!

He received 100% on the quiz.  The teacher commented, "Great job!  You followed all of the directions!"...the only kid in class who did!

Image: Low Brown Karate Test, April 2008.  Image courtesy Hubby P.

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Yakini said...

What a bright boy!!!! Geez - that sounds like it was written by some Rhodes scientist/scholar.

lol @ image courtesy of Hubby P. Way to credit the source!


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