Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crockpot Tuesday - "Dump" Chicken

Dump chicken is a cooking concept whereby you place chicken parts and ingredients into a plastic freezer bag, then freeze and defrost for the crock pot or baking pan when needed.  It's a convenient way to have a tasty, well seasoned chicken meal on short notice.

Here's a gold mine of Dump Chicken recipes, as well as a collection of Dump Chicken recipes geared toward those who practice batch or freezer cooking.

By the way, dear readers, you may have noticed that here at NeatnessCounts, we eat a lot of chicken! And you'd be right! Although I personally do not eat red meat or pork, we will be bringing some delicious non-chicken recipes your way soon!


Top image courtesy Recipe Goldmine.

1 comment:

Yakini said...

Dern, every time you post one of these recipes I say to myself, "I gotta get me a crockpot!" I just said it again, lol. Maybe that'll be my xmas gift to myself this year.


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