Thursday, October 29, 2009


For me, there is no overstating the value of a pedicure on my state of mind. So relaxing and yet I just don't treat myself enough. 

Once last spring I was so pressed for time from running around with my son C.'s activities that I didn't even have 15 extra minutes to get a spa pedicure.

The next best thing when you don't have time to get to the salon or when it's closed is to do a home pedicure.

Assemble a little kit for this purpose.  We'll keep it simple so that you get the maximum relaxation.  You'll need a manicure kit with clippers, a buffing pad, and a pumice stone or foot file. Put some toe separators in your kit if you can (I sometimes reuse the ones from the salon); some clear and/or light colored polish, and your favorite quick dry spray or top coat.  Have some flip flops or pedicure socks (with open toes) ready for when you're done.  It would be nice to keep all of these supplies together in a pretty box or tin.

A electric or battery operated foot bath - If you don't have one of those, a deep dishpan or basin will do and sometimes I actually prefer that.

Fragrant Epsom salts - My favorite brand is Dr. Teal's, available at WalMart in 3 lb. bags for about $4.  It comes in lavender and eucalyptus spearmint fragrances. The eucalyptus spearmint is my favorite - it smells heavenly, just like you're at the spa - and is wonderful in your bath also.  Unscented salts will also do in a pinch.

Water - The temperature depends on your preference.  I like the hottest water I can stand.  I start out with tap water, then fill an old tea kettle and bring it upstairs to my boudoir so that I can refresh the water as it cools down.  Don't pour it directly on your feet!!!  In the summer you might prefer cold water or even float a few ice cubes.

Light a candle or two, preferably scented, and place close by where you can see the soothing flame.  Place a fluffy towel under your basin and have another close by to dry your feet when you are done.

You may want to do some foot maintenance before you start your soak.  I like to remove my old polish and cut and shape my nails before hand.  If you like to use a PedEgg, this is best done on dry feet.  Don't overdo it though.

Now dip your tootsies into the water...ahhhh.  Relax for as long as you want or as long as you have.  Pumice or file any rough spots just before you are ready to take your feet out of the water.

Dry your feet with your fluffy towel, then massage your feet and lower legs with lotion just like at the salon.  Swipe a little nail polish remover over your toes, and put on your toe separators or pedicure socks if you have them.

Polish your toes with a clear light colored polish to hide any mistakes.  Two coats is best if you have time to let it dry.

Finish by rubbing your feet with a rich cream, slip on your flip flops and exhale.


Yakini said...

You know, this is a GREAT tutorial, cuz i really love pedis but dont often have the extra time (or energy!) to go out to the salon. Self-pampering is such an important part of being a woman, and I've learned to value this so much more since becoming a mom.

Yakini said...

Pat, your posts/content is so great! You should contact my friend Deidre over at She is turning her site into a magazine (first issue Winter 2009) and although the deadline for submissions has passed, you might see if she isn't still taking last minute material. Her email addy is:

Pat said...

Thanks, Yakini! I'll do that!


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