Friday, October 30, 2009

What are you doing with the kids this weekend?

My 10 year old son, C., is becoming more mature and independent every day.  Lately, he's been trying to prepare some very basic snacks and meals for himself.  We let him prepare cold things, like sandwiches, and use the microwave with supervision.  His latest favorite is cheese quesadillas - simply melted cheese in a folded-over tortilla.  Last weekend, he was very anxious to prepare this for his "lunch" (at 11:00 A.M., not an hour after he had eaten breakfast!).  Of course E. wanted some too, so C. started to prepare one for him as well. 

C. then announces that he is going to have to throw away the tortilla he has started preparing because it has a slight rip in it.  Of course I was aghast!  But then I remembered a story from my childhood.

"When I was your age and learning to cook, one of the first things I tried to prepare was fried eggs over easy (and I don't even like eggs!).  One day I was "practicing" cooking the eggs, and every time I broke the yolk while flipping the egg, I threw the egg out.  When Grandma found out I had wasted almost a dozen eggs, she freaked out!" 

I gave him a hug, showed him how to refold the quesadilla so the cheese wouldn't spill out of the rip, and he and E. enjoyed their snack.

So why not cook with your kids this weekend?

Image courtesy Raxxis.

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Yakini said...

lol i love this post (and love the flashback to your childhood, which helped you better understand/empathize with ds's frustration)

i cant wait til chase is old enough to start helping me a bit in the kitchen, like baking cookies and things. thats gonna be so fun!


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